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W3 Total Cache Pro - W3 Total Cache Pro v2.1.0 - плагин кэширования WordPress

W3 Total Cache - популярный плагин для кеширования сайтов на WordPress. W3 Total Cache улучшает SEO и пользовательский опыт вашего сайта за счет повышения производительности сайта, сокращения времени загрузки благодаря таким функциям, как интеграция сети доставки контента (CDN) и новейшие лучшие практики.

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W3 Total Cache Pro 2.1.4
Thank you for using W3 Total Cache, the only web host agnostic Web Performance Optimization (WPO) framework for WordPress trusted by millions of publishers, web developers, and web hosts worldwide for more than a decade.

In this release, we’ve added enhancements and also fixed the issues reported by the wp.org community and the users active in our GitHub repository:

  • Fix: Sanitize extension argument
  • Fix: Allow more characters in CDN hostname sanitization
  • Fix: Avoid a possible PHP warning in LazyLoad mutator
  • Fix: Use Memcached server from config for Nginx rules instead of localhost
  • Fix: Added missing text domains for Browser Cache settings
  • Enhancement: Added a filter w3tc_cdn_cf_flush_all_uris for CloudFront purging
In our public repository on GitHub, you can review our source code, post issues, and even submit Pull requests. You are welcome to join us there, and we really appreciate all users that have contributed, both past and present.

We are always looking for ways to improve W3 Total Cache with new features, UI improvements, and of course, improvements to the user experience. If you like what we have done, please be sure to take some time and rate our plugin on the WordPress Plugin Repository.
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  • Исправлено: проблема минимизации JS с обратными кавычками в шаблонных литералах.
  • Исправлено: не перенаправлять при использовании WP-CLI.
  • Исправлено: отсутствующие пробелы в конфигурации Memcached Nginx.
  • Исправлено: настройка CDN через пассивный FTP.
  • Исправлено: обновлено регулярное выражение Minify CDN.
  • Исправлено: добавлены отсутствующие текстовые домены и исправлены переводы.
  • Улучшение: разрешить поставщик учетных данных AWS по умолчанию.
  • Улучшение: добавлена...

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W3 Total Cache Pro v2.1.9



  • Fix: Cloudflare Dashboard Widget: Updated to use GraphQL
  • Fix: Cloudflare Dashboard Widget: Use WordPress timezone
  • Fix: CDN: Execute purge only if hosting is enabled, to prevent unneeded delays
  • Fix: Published/modified custom posts not clearing the archive cache(s)
  • Fix: Native WordPress sitemap caching
  • Fix: Extra MIME groups other than controlled by settings were added to rules
  • Fix: Usage Statistics: Not...

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W3 Total Cache Pro v2.2.4 nulled

  • Fix: Extensions URL in settings
  • Fix: Redis undefined array key warnings
  • Fix: Redis connect issue based on phpredis version
  • Fix: Sanitization of licensing messages
  • Fix: DB cache error in Ajax
  • Fix: Call to undefined function in DB cache query class
  • Fix: PHP 8 compatibility: join
  • Fix: WooCommerce Variation Image Gallery plugin CDN filter
  • Enhancement: Add setting for AWS S3 public objects in ACL
  • Enhancement: Check if post is empty before cache flush
  • Enhancement: Add max lifetime setting for non-disk page cache
  • Enhancement: Add notice when selecting CDN using CloudFront
  • Update: CSS Tidy 1.7.3 => 2.0.1
  • Update: Add sns-message-validator
  • Security: Ensure cache writes in cache folders