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Творец (III)
Unlimited Elements for Elementor 1.4.66
Contributors: Maxim Vendorov, Amit Keren
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Разрушитель (V)
14 987
Unlimited Elements for Elementor 1.4.67
-bug fix: fixed woo product price format for decimal prices
-bug fix: fixed context menu cut from bottom inside the widgets manager
-bug fix: fixed show item data in widgets items repeater
-feature: added api connectivity to troubleshooting section
-feature: added options in terms selection fields
-bug fix: fixed floot to round in woocommerce discount percents
-feature: added order by meta key for woo categories select
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Разрушитель (V)
14 987
Unlimited Elements for Elementor 1.4.77
-bug fix: fixd the is_ajax() error function from the admin area

-feature: added category image to products list
-feature: added option to include as module widget js include
-feature: added option to write custom handle to widget js and css include
-feature: added options - avoid duplicate posts to post query exclude
-feature: added option to include or exclude posts by dynamic field to posts selection
-feature: added option to include or exclude posts by logged in user, in posts selection
-bug fix: fixed background widget condition functionality
-change: changed template picker to simple select2 list

-bug fix: fixed acf group field output
-feature: added twig function: "put_attributes_json" that available in js tab in widget editor
-feature: added constant - uc_inside_editor - for distinquish between editor and site front
-bug fix: fixed "request too long" message on a widget preview - shortened preview url
-bug fix: fixed several bugs with condition field in widgets editor
-bug fix: fixed hidden image size select on item attributes
-feature: added multiple select attribute
-feature: added listing attribute support
-bug fix: fixed elementor template in items, changed to specific function

-feature: added rating stars helper placeholder for woocommerce
-feature: added option to include js file after elementor-frontend
-bug fix: fixed new typography deprecation message

-change: added option for woocommerce categories in terms selection
-feature: added option to take post id's from php function in post selection
-bug fix: fixed price issues in woocommerce related grids
-feature: added option for get posts by meta field that located in current or different post
-feature: added twig filter: wc_price for native price filtering
-feature: added post terms titles to post data debug
-bug fix: fixed include and exclude terms mismatch with nested tax query
-bug fix: fixed pagination on search pages

-bug fix: when bulk moving attribute it now always goes to general category
-bug fix: fixed filter posts by status
-bug fix: fixed instagram media albom
-feature: added show widget data debug options
-feature: added option for filter post by post meta
-feature: added option for simple condition for attributes
-feature: added integration with wordpress popular post plugin for most viewed posts selection
-feature: added post list variables for data debug
-feature: added image sizes selector for post list
-feature: get thumbnailID from content in case that it's missing in post

-feature: added include recently viewed products in woocommerce
-feature: added option for default max posts in post selector
-feature: added attribute type: Border Dimensions
-feature: added attribute type: CSS Filters
-feature: added attribute type: Hover Animations
-bug fix: removed max posts from archive type post query selection, because has no control over pagination.
-bug fix: fixed bug when instagram video images didn't show up
-bug fix: done some small css changes to the editor


Разрушитель (V)
33 044
Unlimited Elements for Elementor (Premium) 1.5.57
version 1.5.57:

-feature: improved the multisource selectors
-feature: added option to get image from post meta in post fields - widget editor
-bug fix: added "skins" folder to unite gallery
-bug fix: added more compatability to woo commerce grids with discounts plugins
-bug fix: fixed same uc_id in dynamic templates

version 1.5.56:

feature: added option authors by dynamic field in post query
bug fix: fixed get posts by terms meta field - add taxonomy
bug fix: fixed responsive css in dynamic loop
bug fix: fixed dynamic loop with jet engine acf fields
bug fix: fixed slider control units for vh, vx and %
change: the uc_id will not change now when page refresh
feature: done some integration with flycart discounts
bug fix: added "before today" for past year in date qury
feature: added option to show post type and post type title in posts fields

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