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WP Fusion 3.37.7 Nulled - плагин автоматизации маркетинга

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WP Fusion помог тысячам людей и компаний сэкономить время и увеличить доход за счет автоматизации маркетинга. Плагин включает поддержку десятков плагинов WordPress, что позволяет вам подключить свой сайт членства, магазин, систему управления обучением и многое другое к вашей CRM.

WP Fusion 3.37.26 Nulled + Addons
v3.37.26 - 7/12/2021
  • Added Autonami CRM integration
  • Added Upsell Plugin integration
  • Added WooCommerce Memberships for Teams team meta batch operation
  • Improved - Stopped "Unknown Lists" from being loaded from HubSpot
  • Fixed CSS classes getting removed from LearnDash lessons in focus mode since v3.37.25
  • Fixed profile updates in the BuddyBoss app not syncing to the CRM
  • Fixed default fields not being enabled for sync in the settings after first setting up the plugin
  • Fixed PHP notice on WooCommerce order received page
  • Fixed post types created with Toolset Types bypassing access rules
  • Developers - Added wpf_get_tags() function
  • Developers - Added action wpf_meta_box_content_{$post->post_type}
  • Developers - All Beaver Builder nodes will pass through the wpf_beaver_builder_can_access filter, regardless of if they're protected by WP Fusion or not
  • Developers - Refactored user_can_access() function for better performance and readability
WP Fusion 3.38.5 Nulled + Addons
WPFusion Core Changelog:

v3.38.5 - 8/30/2021

  • Added EventON integration
  • Added support for Bento webhooks
  • Added Pay Per Post tagging with WishList Member
  • Added Login With AJAX integration (login redirects will now work with the Return After Login setting)
  • Improved - When a contact ID is recorded in the logs, it will include a link to edit that contact in the CRM
  • Improved - It's no longer necessary to enable Set Current User to pre-fill Gravity Forms fields with auto-login user data
  • Improved LearnDash course settings admin layout
  • Fixed - Removed wp_kses_post() on restricted content message (was breaking login forms)
  • Fixed http_request_failed errors from the WordPress HTTP API not being logged as errors
  • Fixed PHP warning loading custom fields from Bento
  • Fixed PHP warning in wpForo integration
  • Fixed fatal error syncing avatars to the CRM from the BuddyBoss app
  • Fixed Users Insights search only running on first page of results
  • Fixed FooEvents Zoom URL not syncing
  • Fixed fatal error in HubSpot integration when using site tracking and an API error was encountered trying to get the tracking ID
  • Fixed Fatal error: Cannot declare class AC_Connector since 3.38.0
  • Fixed memory leak with WPML, post category archives, and the Exclude Administrators setting
  • Fixed Ontraport integration not creating new contacts with missing emails (even though Ontraport allows contacts to not have an email address)
  • Developers: Added filter wpf_wp_kses_allowed_html
  • Developers: Data loaded from the CRM will now be passed through wp_kses_post() instead of sanitize_text_field() (since 3.38), to permit syncing HTML inside of custom fields
  • Fixed missing second argument $force_update in wpf_get_contact_id()
WPFusion Abandoned Cart Tracking Changelog:
  • 1.7.0 - Same as previous...
WPFusion Enhanced Commerce Changelog:
  • 1.18.0 - Same as previous...
WPFusion Media Tools Changelog:
  • 1.2.3 - Same as previous...
WPFusion Logins Changelog:
  • 1.2.4 - Same as previous...
WPFusion Webhooks Changelog:
  • 1.3.1 - Same as previous...
WPFusion Downloads (BETA) Changelog:
  • 1.2.2 - Same as previous...