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XStore - Адаптивная WooCommerce Тема

Элегантный и интуитивно понятный WordPress шаблон с отзывчивым дизайном. Он тщательно разработан и включает в себя набор страниц, инструментов и настроек, которые помогут вам создать профессиональный и надежный интернет-магазин

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XStore 7.2.9
Latest v7.2.9 / Core plugin 3.2.9
May 12, 2021

  • ADDED: ‘etheme_product_type_show_quantity’ filter
  • FIXED: Child theme styles enqueue
  • FIXED: Misprint on the account page
  • FIXED: Products WPBakery element with PHP8
  • FIXED: Prefooter disabled for Staticblock edit mode
  • FIXED: Reset to default header after theme switching
  • FIXED: Custom fields copying while translating with WPML

Latest v7.2.8 / Core plugin 3.2.8
April 29, 2021

  • ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Online courses
  • ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Barbershop
  • ADDED: Option to show variations as simple products
  • ADDED: Option to hide parent product of variations
  • ADDED: Option to show attributes in variation products names
  • ADDED: Option to recount layered widgets count
  • ADDED: Search popup type for mobile
  • ADDED: Compatibility of built-in WooCommerce Email Builder with WooCommerce Germanized plugin Email types
  • ADDED: Products stock status in search results
  • ADDED: Option to choose static blocks for the More element of the Mobile panel
  • ADDED: Option of the Product title limit
  • ADDED: Option of the Product title lines limit
  • ADDED: Email link of the follow/socials WPBakery element/Elementor element/widget
  • ADDED: Telegram icon to header socials, contacts elements
  • ADDED: XStore White Label update notice for WP Dashboard
  • IMPROVED: Custom SVG icon for header Cart element (removed old code field and replaced with upload file option)
  • IMPROVED: Custom SVG icon for header Wishlist element (removed old code field and replaced with upload file option)
  • IMPROVED: Possibility to change the number of results found title for search results
  • IMPROVED: Search header builder element improvements of the image size for search results
  • FIXED: Ajax filters with WooCommerce infinite scroll and Ajax pagination plugin (plugin reinstallation required)
  • FIXED: Single product slider when used single product builder and Elementor template for single product at the same time
  • FIXED: Product_sharing when product dose not have featured images
  • FIXED: Page Importer
  • FIXED: Product status filter
  • FIXED: Connect block for single product builder
  • FIXED: Sales booster
  • FIXED: Single page custom slider for Elementor versions
  • FIXED: Multiple header duplication
  • FIXED: Content product in loop fatal error
  • FIXED: Import of demo content https:/prnt.sc/1251xbg
  • FIXED: Multiple headers for ‘child of page’ conditions
  • FIXED: Closing of search results
  • FIXED: Swiper slides on tablet
  • FIXED: Email builder coupon fatal error when coupon expired date was empty
  • FIXED: Show by category of the Products Elementor/WPBakery element with WPML
  • FIXED: Single product builder sidebar widget classes
  • FIXED: Et-slider autoplay
  • FIXED: Compatibility with MIN-MAX Quantities on products loop
  • FIXED: PHP notice in socials widget
  • FIXED: Products widgets fatal error with Elementor
  • FIXED: PHP notice with products widget without saving
  • FIXED: Notice of ‘elementor/element/post/document_settings/before_section_start’ deprecated use of ‘elementor/element/wp-post/document_settings/before_section_start’

Latest version 7.2.7 / Core plugin 3.2.7
April 01, 2021

  • ADDED: Pre-built WPBakery demo – Headphone
  • ADDED: et_mini_cart_reverse filter
  • FIXED: White label when “Hide update notices”
  • FIXED: Elementor scripts in size guide popup
  • FIXED: Enable Accordion for the product categories widget vs price filter
  • FIXED: js et_notice undefined error
  • FIXED: js et_get_notice undefined error
  • FIXED: swipers inside tabs and popups
  • FIXED: Main slider in firefox browser
  • FIXED: Quick view product popup
  • FIXED: Cookie notice styles when child theme
  • FIXED: Brands position in Single Product Builder sidebar
  • FIXED: Search results images size from thumbnail to medium
  • FIXED: Custom icon for mobile panel more element
  • UPDATED: move mini cart order way to default
  • UPDATED: force default for some options (load_wc_cart_fragments, images_loading_type_et);
  • REMOVED: hidden description for menu items
XStore 7.2.10
Latest version 7.2.10 / Core plugin 3.2.10
May 28, 2021

  • ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Niche market03
  • ADDED: Show Request a quote as button on Single Product page (sales booster)
  • ADDED: Mousewheel control option for Et-slider Elementor
  • ADDED: Mousewheel control option for Et-slider WPBakery element
  • ADDED: Stop on hover option for Et-slider Elementor
  • ADDED: Stop on hover option for Et-slider WPBakery element
  • ADDED: “etheme_ajax_search_products_query” filter
  • IMPROVED: Search categories select style (with border now)
  • FIXED: General tabs icon svg
  • FIXED: Sidebar toggles/show more on post_type_archive(‘product’)
  • FIXED: Hide submenu (option) with static blocks dropdown content
  • FIXED: Quantity on first init for single product cart form
  • FIXED: Brands list masonry + always masonry not related to a-z filter option enabled
  • FIXED: Search widgets buttons styles (bordered icons inside button)
  • FIXED: Styling of buttons from options
  • FIXED: Trending searches not showing if empty field
  • FIXED: Logic of just catalog (hide price/ price texts)
  • FIXED: Loader colors on add to cart button
  • FIXED: WPBakery Slider element slider_interval setting
  • FIXED: Empty filed of author name on single post
  • FIXED: Redirection after Ajax variable add to cart if redirect enabled in WC settings
  • FIXED: get_current_screen conditions for preventing errors with Vendor registration redirects
  • REMOVED: Theme styles for mpc-massive
XStore 8.0
Latest version 8.0 / Core plugin 4.0
July 15, 21

  • ADDED: XStore AMP Plugin Demo (visit it via mobile device)
  • ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Rreal estate
  • ADDED: Compatibility WooCommerce 5.5
  • ADDED: PHP8 support
  • ADDED: Ajax Theme Options
  • ADDED: Modular CSS
  • ADDED: Modular JS
  • ADDED: Mega menu lazy load (option)
  • ADDED: Mobile Content Optimization (option)
  • ADDED: Hide out of stock products for fake sale popup (option)
  • ADDED: Discord and Reddit icons to header builder elements
  • ADDED: Qty for variation product in quick view
  • ADDED: Buy now button for variation product in quick view
  • FIXED: Polylang Pro compatibility
  • FIXED: Customizer script error
  • FIXED: Booking product for ajax requests
  • FIXED: et_custom_query
  • FIXED: Lqip loading
  • FIXED: Loginization APIs (FaceBook, Google)
  • FIXED: Qty for variaton products in loop
  • FIXED: Variation products stock status in quick view and canvas
  • FIXED: Ajax For Product Categories Widget option
  • FIXED: SKU search for variable products
  • FIXED: Sliders inside tabs for WPBakery versions
  • FIXED: WPBakery tabs in product description for single product builer
  • FIXED: Button URL for the Header builder Button element
  • FIXED/ADDED: Single product builder vertical slider items per view
  • FIXED: Single product builder custom tabs
  • FIXED: Mobile menu custom icon svg option
  • FIXED: Swiper responsive breakpoints
  • FIXED: Variable products separate to simple
  • FIXED: WPML translations for Elementor 8theme widgets
  • FIXED: Products Isotope on no results search page
  • FIXED: Correct cart product name with html
  • FIXED: WCMP Marketplace compatibility
  • FIXED: Fatal error undefined function etheme_get_option()
  • FIXED: Show more option for sidebar widgets with multiple submenus
  • FIXED: Loader on add to cart button in search full width products
  • FIXED: Breadcrumbs title with dokan plugin
  • FIXED: Min value of “Repeat every x seconds” Fake Sale Popup
  • FIXED: Slider item title id in Slider WPBakery 8theme element
  • FIXED: Hide view mode switcher/per page select for search results
  • IMPROVED: FontAwesome support option with select versions to use 4.7.0/5.15.3
  • IMPROVED: WooCommerce products isotope on all product archives not only shop/product category pages
  • IMPROVED: Elementor XStore icons light/bold versions
  • IMPROVED: Single post comments Form/woocommerce checkout forms validation
  • IMPROVED: Mobile menu custom icon SVG
  • IMPROVED: Compare custom icon SVG
  • OPTIMIZED: Revolution slider scripts only for home page but could be filtered for other pages
  • OPTIMIZED: All theme scripts (details below)
  • OPTIMIZED: backTop.js
  • OPTIMIZED: breadcrumbs.js
  • OPTIMIZED: ajaxElement.js
  • OPTIMIZED: onePageMenu.js
  • OPTIMIZED: Photoswipe.js
  • OPTIMIZED: portfolio.js
  • OPTIMIZED: theLook.js
  • OPTIMIZED: widgetsOpenClose.js
  • OPTIMIZED: widgetsOpenCloseDefault.js
  • OPTIMIZED: mainNavigation.js
  • OPTIMIZED: Swiper slider init slides on first view (much less jumping of slides before it is initialized)
  • OPTIMIZED: Load products on shop archives
  • OPTIMIZED: Load products in sliders
  • OPTIMIZED: Load posts on blog pages
  • OPTIMIZED: Theme CSS files
  • OPTIMIZED: Bootstrap css
  • OPTIMIZED: RTL css files are loaded modular when it is needed
  • OPTIMIZED: Body classes
  • REMOVED: etheme_custom_field()
  • REMOVED: et_vc_include_field_search()
  • REMOVED: et_vc_include_field_render()
  • REMOVED: etheme_image_sizes()
  • REMOVED: is_xstore_migrated()
  • REMOVED: migrator from 5.0 to 6.0 (redux 2 kirki)
  • REMOVED: etheme_image_sizes()
  • REMOVED: etheme_masonry()
  • REMOVED: etheme_get_cart_sep()
  • REMOVED: etheme_menu()
  • REMOVED: et_show_secondary_menu()
  • REMOVED: etheme_nav_menu()
  • REMOVED: .et-ajax-product-filter
  • REMOVED: .et-ajax-product-pagination
  • REMOVED: etheme_footer_type()
  • REMOVED: etheme_get_menus_options()
  • REMOVED: Disable Gutenberg CSS (option)
  • REMOVED: unused functions
  • REMOVED: lottie.min.js (not used)
  • REMOVED: XStore core frontend scripts/styles and moved them to theme
  • REMOVED: rtl.css (splitted to a few files instead)

Latest version 7.2.11 / Core plugin 3.2.11 June 11, 2021

  • ADDED: Pre-built Elementor demo – Digital marketing
  • ADDED: Pre-built WPBakery demo – Coffee
  • ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.4
  • ADDED: Portfolio Elementor element
  • ADDED: etheme_backstretch_enqueue filter
  • FIXED: Menu element dropdown filter
  • FIXED: Portfolio reset loop in shortcode (Elementor editor issue with portfolio shortcode)
  • FIXED: Images attributes for the Brands carousel element
  • FIXED: Priority of enqueue scripts from et-core-plugin
  • FIXED: Swiper stop autoplay on start dragging
  • FIXED: Breadcrumbs option for single product builder
  • FIXED: Hover effect slider for products after products infinite loading
  • FIXED: Priorities of multiple headers
Последнее редактирование:
XStore 8.0.1
Version 8.0.1 / July 20, 2021
ADDED: Products class for products loop start wrapper
ADDED: Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Booking Premium for Single product builder
IMPROVED: Logo template with default WordPress functions
IMPROVED: Sticky cart on mobile
FIXED: Theme styles after switching to other theme
FIXED: Added temporary fix for the File generator
FIXED: Shop filters area CSS when toolbar is not shown
FIXED: Swiper slider images load in sidebar slider
FIXED: Quote/Video formats of posts
FIXED: JS error in quick view when swatches were disabled
FIXED: JS error when opens mobile menu popup
FIXED: JS error of fancy select in some cases
FIXED: Blog chess styles in some cases
FIXED: Added to cart message (green notify)
FIXED: Post tabs widget
FIXED: Portfolio 8theme WPBakery/Elementor element styles
FIXED: Recent Portfolio 8theme WPBakery element styles
FIXED: Look Book 8theme WPBakery element styles
FIXED: JetPack issue with slider carousel width
FIXED: Images preview thumbnails in admin dashboard
FIXED: Lazy load images in slider with loop mode enabled
FIXED : no found panel plugins/demos
REMOVED: Disable Slider Revolution scripts on non home pages feature
REMOVED : update_woocommerce_term_meta deprecated function
XStore 8.0.2
Version 8.0.2 / July 24, 2021
ADDED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.8
ADDED: Disable Gutenberg Styles option
ADDED: Disable Elementor dialog JS option
ADDED: Enable old widgets panel option
FIXED: Theme Settings styles with WordPress 5.8
FIXED: Look-book element
FIXED: 8theme Products Widget
FIXED: Instagram Carousel&Video post types
FIXED: Instagram likes count
FIXED: Brands shortcode & elements (fatal error)
FIXED: Compatibility with AliDropship Woo Plugin
FIXED: Fixed footer
FIXED: cart_checkout_breadcrumbs (fatal error)
FIXED: Double arrows if Jetpack plugin is enabled
XStore 9.1.12 Nulled

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XStore 9.1.14 Nulled

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