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Bricks v1.1 NULLED - Build WordPress Sites That Rank

A Faster, More Customizable & Performant Tool To Visually Design Your Entire Site.

Create Your Entire Site Visually​

From header to footer, and anything in between. Customize every aspect of your site right in the builder ... Soon you'll forget you're using WordPress ;)
Insert dynamic data. Edit & preview multiple breakpoints for a fully responsive website optimized for mobile.
Lots of smart features to help you build better sites in less time.

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Bricks 1.2.1
  • Structure Panel: Confirm “Remove All”IMPROVE
  • Audio Element: External LinkNEW
  • Container: Add “Justify Content: Space evenly” & “Align Items: Baseline” optionsNEW
  • Bricks Settings: Generate Custom Image SizesNEW
  • Icon Control: Allow to select SVG filesIMPROVE
  • Lazy Loading Background ImagesNEW
  • Linkable ContainerNEW
  • Control Units: Allow decimals; Add unit via dropdown; Enter value + unitIMPROVE
  • Enable ACF Image Field in Text contextIMPROVE
  • Preview Toggle: Keep panel stateIMPROVE
  • Define a template as Blog pageIMPROVE
  • Remove {archive_title} context prefix (e.g. “Category”)IMPROVE
  • Container: Rename control label & add CSS property tooltipsIMPROVE
  • Builder: Enter Control Value & Unit in Number FieldIMPROVE
  • Builder: Don’t clear value when changing unitIMPROVE
  • Improve MigratorIMPROVE
  • Expand panel editor (TinyMCE) on focus and restore panel width on blurFIX
  • Fix Global Elements (For New Container Structure)FIX
  • Element Posts: Layout “Columns” not visible on mobile breakpointsFIX
  • Minor PHP noticesFIX
  • Remove Pods, Meta Box & CMB2 Post Type Display LimitationsFIX
  • Repeater styles not working on mobile breakpointsFIX
  • Posts Element: List view direction on mobile breakpoints (new setting: Direction)FIX
  • Google Fonts: Italic style not displayed correctlyFIX
  • Elements Panel not preserving resized width after toggling Preview ModeFIX
  • Bricks Theme Deactivation Feedback (z-index)FIX
  • Updated Vue, Vuex, SortableJSIMPROVE
  • Fix Custom Background Position (When Only One Axis Value Set)FIX
  • Image Element: Dynamic Data from ACF Options page not workingFIX
  • WordPress Element: Recent Posts – Links malformedFIX
  • Builder: Container background image not showing on Header/Footer Template
Bricks 1.2.2
Ever wanted to use a template in multiple places? Sort of like a global element? You now can with the new "Template" element. Place the "Template" element anywhere on your site, and select one of your "Section" templates to render it on the frontend. When editing the selected template all changes are automatically updated on every instance of this template.
The adding of new elements from the panel onto the canvas logic has been completely rewritten. It's using less resources now, and should be more accurate.

  • “Template” ElementNew
  • Custom Animation DurationNew
  • Slider Element: Button Width SettingNew
  • Builder: Preserve control units across breakpointsNew
  • Default WordPress Styling for “ul” and “ol” tagsImprove
  • Improved: Add element DnDImprove
  • Form Element: Allow HTML in form field labelsImprove
  • Typography Controls: Improved OrderImprove
  • Custom Context Menu: Hide on left-clickImprove
  • Page Break FixFix
  • Password Protected Posts & Pages FixFix
  • Theme Style conditions were queried by dateFix
  • Fix Animation DelayFix
  • CSS ID issues on mobile breakpoint stylesFix
  • Divider without icon alignmentFix
  • Border control units (width & radius)Fix
  • Line height: No unit dropdownFix
  • Gutenberg to Bricks generates empty elementsFix
  • Nav Menu: Text alignmentFix
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Bricks 1.3.1

Release: 1.3.1​

  • Post Navigation: New Settings for Direction & Max. Post Width New
  • Template Conditions: Select specific taxonomy New
  • New Bricks Setting: Enable ‘Delete Bricks Data’ Button New
  • WooCommerce: Close Mini Cart on click outside Improve
  • {woo_product_stock} throws PHP error Fix
  • Skip content focus Fix
  • Fix: Products default order date descending Fix
  • Template Element: Builder ‘Edit template’ button not working Fix
  • Fix: Close mobile menu by clicking outside deactivates site scroll Fix
  • PHP 8: Can’t edit templates Fix
  • Button Element: Link ‘title’ & ‘aria-label’ duplicated Fix
  • Fix: Builder Mobile Breakpoint Scroll Fix
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Bricks 1.3.3

Release: 1.3.3​

After the feature-packed last release, this one addresses mainly bug fixes and improvements.
In case you are using the SwiperJS arrow CSS classes somewhere in your custom CSS, please replace those as follows:

  • .swiper-button-prev > .bricks-swiper-button-prev
  • .swiper-button-next > .bricks-swiper-button-next
This change is necessary due to a styling conflict when the JetPack plugin is being used.

  • ACF Dynamic Data: Allow defining image sizeNEW
  • Carousel Element: New setting to center align imagesNEW
  • Add theme support for wide and full-width alignment (Gutenberg)NEW
  • Display “Edit with Bricks” in admin bar only on (custom) posts & pagesIMPROVE
  • Show control error messages only to users with full Bricks accessIMPROVE
  • Container Element: Stop rendering HTML via AJAX when switching between breakpointsIMPROVE
  • Nav Menu: Add role=menuitem on menu items & role=menu on submenuIMPROVE
  • Remove z-index from header wrapperIMPROVE
  • Single Product Page: “Added to cart” notification not showingIMPROVE
  • Post Navigation: Shows double arrowsFIX
  • Template Element: Wrapper styles not always appliedFIX
  • Builder: CSS functions not working for margin & position controlsFIX
  • Nav Menu: Typography hover styles inconsistent between builder & frontendFIX
  • Code Element: Fix SanitizationFIX
  • Saving Bricks data strips slashes from content & settingsFIX
  • Selected Product Variation: Image Gallery doesn’t switchFIX
  • Video background: Not playing on iPhoneFIX
  • Template Insert: Images are not always importedFIX
  • Maps Element JavaScript error: Uncaught ReferenceError: $event is not definedFIX
  • SVG Element: Cannot be centeredFIX
  • Sticky header goes under admin barFIX
  • Posts Element: Pagination shows even if disabledFIX
  • Rank Math Fix: Prevent feeding content on non-Bricks post typesFIX
  • Accordion: Subtitle typography styles not appliedFIX
  • Gutenberg Post: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘querySelector’ of null” (when Bricks is not enabled for this post type)
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Скажите, а последние обновления есть?
Bricks Builder 1.8.1 Nulled
-=Ограниченное содержимое=-
Интересный конструктор. Пробовал, понравилось, но пока не использовал на реальных сайтах.
А у вас купленная версия или с варезных сайтов?
Можно это ставить без риска "подхватить заразу" ?
Bricks Builder 1.8.2 (Null)
Безопасно. Нулл на базе лицензионного плагина.


Форумчане, достигшие уровня III, могут загрузить плагин без затрат баллов.
Скрытое содержимое. Вам нужно войти или зарегистрироваться.

Bricks Layouts (Макеты)

Скрытое содержимое. Вам нужно войти или зарегистрироваться.
Спасибо! Да очень интересует чистота конструктора!

Скрытое содержимое. Вам нужно войти или зарегистрироваться.
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Bricks Builder 1.8.4 (Null)
Безопасно. Нулл на базе лицензионного плагина.

-=Ограниченное содержимое=-

Форумчане, достигшие уровня IV, могут загрузить плагин без затрат баллов.
***Скрытое содержимое***

Bricks Layouts (Макеты) можно загрузить из поста с версией 1.8.2 (кликабельно).
Насколько удобнее элементора ? Или это совсем другой по функционалу?
Насколько удобнее элементора ? Или это совсем другой по функционалу?

Похож на Elementor, но даёт более чистый код. Работает как тема. Быстрее чем Elementor. Даже, существенно быстрее.
Лучше попробовать.
Несколько, непривычно сначала.
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Bricks Builder 1.9.8
Безопасно. Нулл на базе лицензионного плагина.

Посмотреть подробности об этом обновлении...

Форумчане, достигшие уровня III, могут загрузить плагин без затрат баллов.
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Это как? Автор темы один, а связанного ресурса другой. Или передали права для постов нулла с оффициальной лицензии? Тогда можно не постить свои, а запрашивать обновления упоминанием?
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